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Background Checks

background checksBeing background broadcast providers; your clients need accuracy and thoroughness whereas expecting quick results. Nevertheless, it can be a huge challenge because court documents and public records are available over an enormous number of sites in local, state, and federal jurisdictions. Gathering and creating comprehensive background information may be enormously time-consuming, mainly if your procedures aren’t computerized.
iWebScraping is the member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners). We deal with data providers and customers to offer the quickest and most dependable criminal records checking capabilities accessible today. Our customers use Background Checks services by iWebScraping to perform millions of Background Checks every year, which makes us among the top Background Checks technology service providers. Using iWebScraping services, you can explore the court documents and public records with over 1500 jurisdictions of the US and this only takes a few minutes to do a background check.

Using iWebScraping Background Checks services, you can:

  • Bring down costs through eliminating difficult searches and exclusive technical resources for your system maintenance.
  • Get all the details while you require them, including complete extraction from the federal, state, and local records, with state and national sex criminal registries.
  • Improve accuracy and coverage through replacing the error-prone physical procedures using automated records checking.
  • Speed up the turnaround time using all-inclusive automated searches, which only take a few minutes.


background checks optionBesides the Background Checks, iWebScraping services are also extensively used to authenticate professional credentials, which help in fighting against falsification of professional certifications and academic records. With iWebScraping, you can mine, combine and compare details of the multiple web resources like Professional Association and University websites. iWebScraping offers accurate credential and license verification services for many key professions like lawyers, teachers, law enforcement officers, and doctors.
To find out how iWebScraping can significantly improve the speed & accuracy of the record checks, contact us today.

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