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Compliance & Risk Management

compilation and risk mangementFor financial service firms as well as other business enterprises, compliance & risk management is an important analysis. Today, business enterprises are facing bigger regulatory pressure, and close inspection from politicians and media. Omission failures may have destructive effects on public opinions as well as on your end results.
Financial punishments for refusal with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) can be brutal – millions of dollars – as well as successive reformation costs during the consequences of a breach, attach even more to the monetary impact.
Nevertheless, managing risk and compliance are complex and costly using conventional methods. A usual compliance officer may spend 15% of the time for tracking dictatorial developments alone, as well as the efforts required to survey sanctions lists, watch lists, court records, as well as similar depositories at the county, state, federal, and international level are awesome. Even with the all-inclusive check of authorized sources, problems still go unnoticed – for instance, people of interest can’t turn up on the sources, however still partner with recognized individuals in the social media.
The majority of sanctions lists, watch lists, government regulations, and court records are available on the web with continuous updates. Through automatic monitoring of these sources, you can extract targeted information and considerably improve your compliance & risk management position while bringing down the costs.
iWebScraping has wide-ranging experience of helping clients to ensure compliance and manage risk – actually, we are the backbone of a lot of compliance workflow handouts and industry-leading risk documents.

With compliance & risk management services of iWebScraping, you can:

  • Evaluate the truthfulness of prospective business partners through monitoring the watch lists as well as social media forums for determining whether the prospective partners are registered, or are associated with the listed persons.
  • Lessen your revelation to financial frauds and recognize theft through carrying out the targeted searches for as well as county and state court sites.
  • React instantly to the regulatory updates through monitoring regulatory websites and automatically extract changes– even from the password-protected and complex sites.

To find out more about how iWebScraping can help you in compliance & risk management, contact us today.

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