Financial Data Aggregation Using Automated Web Data Collection

Well-Conceived Financial Data Aggregation Service

Use financial data aggregation service from to eliminate manual data entry process. Save time and increase revenue potential.

Financial Data Aggregation Service By iWebscraping
Financial filings, corporate actions and all other market-moving events have a strong link with the financial community—local and global alike. These and other relevant information make it to the web on a consistent basis and have to be detected and communicated in near real-time–for building up and maintaining an appropriate market share in your specific sector. With accuracy and speed being of paramount importance, you need to get access to reliable ways of monitoring and extracting data that are specific for financial data aggregation.

Reliable Tracking of Financial Data

We at enable financial data providers like you to track consumer financial portals, custodial and bank sites and other services sites that disparate news from governmental, corporate and media sources. globally. Going a long way in helping you deliver result-oriented and time-based financial data aggregation solutions with dexterity, our experts are well equipped to:

  • Provide easy access to near real-time reporting and detect market-moving events by incorporating targeted keyword searches and built-in change detection processes.
  • Bring about improvements by re-duplicating the collected data and aggregating financial data using automated web data collection—the affordable way!


Benefits of Using our Financial Database Aggregation Services

  • We largely improve precision and accuracy levels by eliminating manual intervention in the process of data uploading.
  • Our data mining experts increase editorial awareness and use innovative data delivery options for alerting specific editors regarding changes on news outlets, corporate websites and government sites.
  • Our services are designed to reduce costs by bringing about an increase in the number of financial filings that are monitored; without increasing your staff. We broaden your coverage by aggregating accurate financial data from thousands of sites hosted globally and help you transform that data into a highly structured format.
  • We increase your editorial and business agility by offering parameter-driven features that allow quick changes in targeted data for easier monitoring and collection.

Way Forward…

Get in touch with our experts at and gear up to automate your tasks of monitoring all kinds of financial data sources–including custodial sites and banks. By hiring our skills, you can help your organization bring about positive changes in workflows and profitability alike.


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