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Financial & Market Research

financial and marketing reserchIn today’s composite global markets, analysts and investors require wide-ranging, up-to-date company and sector information to take a lead in the quickly developing market conditions. The web offers an exceptional variety of information, which they can utilize to envisage industry trends as well as take more well-versed investment decisions. So far, leveraging this massive source has been too expensive. Because of thousands of sources online and continuously changing content, collecting data is an enormous task.
With iWebScraping, you can cross these hurdle and gain outstanding visibility in the sector and company performance. We allow you to strike to the web’s enormous store of corporate and industry news, corporate filings, government statistics, hiring activity, pricing information, inventory data, product announcements, blogs, etc. We offer a complete snapshot of important details on demand, as well as keep you informed as events open out.

Our With iWebScraping, you can:

  • Break research silos through delivering correlated and unified information to the whole organization.
  • Expand your insights through targeting the particular sources and topics you wish to monitor.
  • Quickly enter the new markets through monitoring outliers as well as emerging opportunities.
  • Respond quickly to the market changes through observing market-moving events instantly when they take place.
  • Take positive buying or selling decisions through receiving a constant flow of corporate data.

Our Financial & Market Research services include categories like:

  • Business Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Current/Savings Accounts
  • Financial Advice
  • Financial Market Research
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Mortgages
  • Pensions
  • Personal Loans
  • Property

iWebScraping uses extremely scalable web extracting technology, which easily handles thousands of industries, corporate, and governmental sources. You may add newer sources yourself within minutes – providing you through access of the data required without relying on the programmers. iWebScraping automatically correlates, formats, and structures, the content delivered, in order that you use your precious time analyzing the data and not struggling to utilize it.
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