Web Data Intelligence for Government Organization

Web Data Intelligence for Government Organization

Solutions may support reporting, data analytics, data mining, and online analytical processing.

Best ways of monitoring and extracting web data for Government Research & Analysis

Data Intelligence for Government Solutions
Are you looking for the best ways of monitoring and extracting web data for Government Research & Analysis? Your search ends here. We at iwebscraping.com understand your concerns in regards to monitoring, extracting and analyzing data and take all necessary steps to ensure that you satisfy regulatory and policy mandates with smarter public & open source web data intelligence.

In the contemporary business scenario, agencies are increasingly tapping into public-source internet based data for a wide range of applications; including research, media analysis, open-source intelligence (OSINT), as well as information sharing between military installations and office sites. Under the circumstances, it makes good sense to invest your resources in reliable web data extraction and monitoring solutions that enable government agencies to attain the following results:

  • Get access to timely updates on activities, news and opinions from around the world by using automation to accumulate and filter large volumes of information.
  • Consistently monitor thousands of web linked sources, including communities, difficult-to-retrieve local news feeds and government based blogs.
  • Support requisite information sharing in between installations and office sites by standardizing content. This is achieved by retrieving and extracting data solutions from government websites and using automation for transforming data into standard formats.
  • Accumulate data from reliable archives by using scalable solutions that simplify access to web sources that fail to support APIs–in a rapid and cost-effective way.
  • Bring about a reduction in overall data collection expenses by replacing the manual processes with automated web data extraction.

The IT maintenance costs can be reduced by deploying scalable web based data collection software programmers that do not require any changes in programming or codes, when websites change. We are the pioneers in government web data solutions that have been duly designed and optimized for streamlining processes, reducing costs and supporting timely decision-making. Our experts boast of a proven track record for understanding agency requirements, consistently delivering results on time and delivering within the per-defined budgets.

So, instead of worrying about how to monitor data for regulatory mandates, simply get in touch with our highly skilled team of web scrapers and data extraction experts and deploy the best applications to tackle the tasks on hand the affordable way!

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