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Sales Intelligence

sales and intelligenceThe web has been a massive resource of sales intelligence and contact information. However, collecting and using this information is a difficult task, because it is usually available on thousands of websites. Before talking to the customers, sales people gather information about contacts, market information, and company news.

For the Sales Organizations

iWebScraping provides your sales team, the insights and leads they require for driving successful sales prospects. We constantly monitor thousands of websites to get the latest company and industry information, providing a constant stream of specifically targeted sales intelligence and contacts. With sales intelligence services of iWebScraping, you can:

  • Automatically recognize new leads through collecting contact as well as other details from the company websites, online articles, industry associations, as well as other web resources.
  • Improve your option database through adding public consumer details like professional associations, educational background, and career history for your basic CRM data.
  • Lessen sales time through providing applicable content updates to the sales persons, rather than letting them to do search for the content themselves.
  • Reduce sales cycles through web monitoring for the market-changing events and trends, which drive extremely productive discussions with the sales prospects.
  • Track important customer news through automatically monitoring news reports, regulatory filings, and press releases.

For the Lead Generation Companies

iWebScraping can considerably increase your income potential through enhancing the worth of leads that you provide. iWebScraping automatically checks thousands of public web resources to mine pursued sales intelligence and offers it straight to the lead database, which allows you to separate your offerings and offer a premium price.
Our sales intelligence team evaluates the following areas:

  • Company Overview
  • Competition/Vendor Mapping
  • Decision Making Process
  • Drivers & Initiatives
  • Financial Overview
  • Growth Plan
  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • IT Organization Structure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Organization Structure
  • Technology Strategy

To discover more about how iWebScraping can help you, driving successful sales actions and boost revenues, contact us today.

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