Scraping or Extract Customer List from Online Web Directory

Scraping Customer List From Online Web Directory

The World Wide Web(www) is a vast and rapidly growing source of data or information. Most of this data/information is in the form of unstructured format, making the information hard to query. Web sites often contain similar data that they present in different style. Because of the different presentation styles it makes it difficult to easily compare and review their data. Our Web data extraction Plus+ tool can crawl web pages for common information, even if the web sites use different presentation style.

Your contacts network determine whether your business fails or succeeds, and, for that reasons of credibility, that is doubly true online through online web directory.

STEP-1: Find the large no. of customer list from online resources. on internet lots of web directory provide such type list such attorney website, business directory, membership websites.

STEP-2: Determine number of fields, which is use full for your business.

STEP-3: With iWeb Scraping Services Customer List Scraping Solution, you can grab and store the contact information in your database or excel spreadsheet — Company Name, Contact Person Name, Person Title, Person Gender, Email ID, Phone/Tel, Mobile No., Fax No., Full Address, City, State, Post Code/Zip etc. You can receive customer list directly in 1-2 working days.

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