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Competitive & Pricing Intelligence

Get a Real-Time and Comprehensive View of the Competitive Market and Price Accordingly.
Businesses are facing cut-throat competition in today’s markets. You must know what your competitor is doing at the moment, not what they have done in the past. Your competitors are continuously releasing the latest and superior products, implementing aggressive pricing tactics and getting new ways of entering into your channels. The success of your business relies on precise, latest, aggressive and competitive & pricing intelligence – decision-making information, which you can apply to grow and maintain your position in the market.
competitive and pricing intelligenceThe web is the largest source of direct competitive & pricing intelligence. It gives an actual view of the competition – what your competitors are doing, how they give pricing for their products, as well as what are the customers’ reactions. Simultaneously, the status of your services and products is determined by what the consumers say online –good or bad. Through web content monitoring, you can immediately reply to the customer’s feedback, protect your brand, as well as recognizes emerging opportunities.

iWebScraping offers you real-time competitive & pricing visibility required. Using iWebScraping’s competitive & pricing intelligence services, you can:

  • Increase your market share through having competitor’s price data and adjust your pricing accordingly.
  • Keep track on your competitors by following corporate changes, major announcements, and job openings.
  • Maintain your reputation by identifying and reacting straight away to negative comments and reviews online.
  • Maximize the power of the distribution channel through inventory level monitoring and finding supply problems in the beginning.
  • Optimize your product’s plans through evaluation of customers’ reactions on social media about new product’s features.
  • Protect your power of brand pricing by finding unauthorized discounts and instant sales.
  • Recognize the competitor’s tactics through monitoring of product announcements, alliances, and partnerships.

Track, analyze, and compare insights of competitive retail. Get recommendations for your price optimization, according to real-time competitive details. At iWebScraping, we provide detailed and accurate information to help you make the finest possible pricing strategy, which allows you to make the plan into the action and permits you to observe implementation and results.
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