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Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring

retail and distribution chain monitoringThe web has completely changed the way of shopping products. We are in a vibrant and multichannel world, having compound relationships between retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Competition has become severe than ever, as online retailers are continuously cannibalizing brick-and-mortar sales. Consumers are using social media for evangelizing and abusing companies and products, whereas e-commerce sites are selling products without manufacturers’ knowledge– at the price points, which erode market position and brand power. Complete control has become past, as successful distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers are giving emphasis to responsiveness and agility.
Whilst the web has ignored the long-held retail assumptions, this also provides distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers, unparalleled visibility to their customers and channels. The web is the biggest warehouse of the actual-time data in the world. Through continuous monitoring on the web, you may proactively manage the competition, brand perception, and channels, rather than responding too late.

iWebScraping provides immediate visibility, providing you the data needed to succeed in the new retail landscape. With iWebScraping services, you can:

  • Analyze what’s selling or what isn’t through the tracking accessible inventory on the retailers’ websites.
  • Avoid illegal sales through monitoring of auction sites for cheaper counterfeits and “abroad only” goods.
  • Deal with price erosion through monitoring for illegal flash sales as well as online shopping discounts.
  • Fight against product dumping through comparison of inventories on retailers’ websites and so-called dumping sites.
  • Improve your product through gathering customer’s feedback and evaluating online “buzz”.
  • Make the most of channel effectiveness through tracking product placements on the e-commerce websites.
  • Protect your brand through monitoring social media and reviews for negative comments and Astro-turfing.

The Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring service by iWebScraping helps you identify what’s going on in the competitor’s camp and allows you to prepare business strategy accordingly.
To know more about how iWebScraping can help you in the Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring, contact us today.

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